Most frequent questions and answers

Your VIN is a unique identifier for your car, it is the most secure way to make sure we’re making an offer on the correct car.

It’s super easy to locate your VIN number, it’s found on your car, your insurance card and your title.

There are many places where you can locate it:

  • Driver’s side dash, seen through the windshield.
  • Your title
  • Your insurance card

Every car has one, and each one is unique!

Sure! Just give us a call at ### and we’ll make sure to chancel your offer.

Check your spam folder! Also feel free to give us a call at ###, and we’ll get you taken care of.

No, all liens must be paid in full before can make an offer on your vehicle.

No, we will buy a car that doesn’t run.

Unfortunately we do not take newer parts into consideration.

You can if you want, however we’re more than happy to tow for free if you’re within 30 miles of us.

Once your car has been picked up, we will send you an email that will serve as your pickup receipt.

It depends on how busy we are, but we could pick up as soon as 1 day!

We usually give you a call within a day and try to arrange a pickup/drop off in the same call. How quickly we pick up depends on your availability and ours.

Sometimes! Give us a ring at ###, and we’ll see about making it happen.

Give us a ring at ###, we’ll get this sorted out!

At this time we only buy passenger vehicles.

Yes! We don’t care what kind of car, what year, or what condition. We love all junk cars that come our way.

Unfortunately you have to have the title in order to make a purchase.

We service a thirty mile radius from Tulsa. This includes the following cities and towns:

Sand Springs

Getting a good deal on your car has never been easier. Just fill out our offer form or give us a call!

Cars, vans, SUVs and trucks; We don’t care what kind of car, what year, or what condition.

No, we stay true to our word. If we find any big difference in appearance when we arrive we will make you an updated offer

No, we do not haggle or negotiate for cars.

Nope!  That’s on us!

Immediately! We’ll come with cash in hand for your junk car.

If you can’t get our photo uploader to work just email us the photos directly along with you name, make, model and year. We’ll make sure your offer and photos end up together and send you a message back to confirm.