Tulsa Car Themed Restaurants

Tulsa Car Themed Restaurants

Tulsa Car Themed Restaurants

The Spudder in Tulsa has a wonderful collection of Car memorabilia though out the restaurant


Speaking of Tulsa Car Themed Restaurants

Not only is there a automobile themed restaurant in Tulsa there is also a railroad car themed restaurant in Tulsa. the famous Ollie’s on Route 66 in Tulsa. Route 66 of course was the place to drive and was at one time the main area in Tulsa. The railroad motif in this “mom and pop” restaurant is a kid favorite. Ten trains, from G-scale to Z-scale, run the length of the dining area, navigating through the scale model cities and towns. Even the walls and shelves are adorned with railroad memorabilia.

Ollies Resturant

Take a look at Tulsa’s History with the automobile:

The Tulsa Automobile Corporation

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